Hi! I’m Milan

An Embedded Systems student based in Germany with a passion for technology, learning from the best and sharing my experiences with the world

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Harnessing technology for a brighter future

I firmly believe that technology empowers us to find innovative and effective solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. Throughout my journey as a life-long learner, I act on this belief, shaping the future of the European semiconductor industry as a Trusted Chips Young Professional and empowering people from different backgrounds to make a difference in their communities through my time at AI4ALL.


Finding opportunities: From a young age, my curiosity and drive have led me to seek ways to improve the world around me, whether that’s tackling the traffic outside my school in India or identifying new market opportunities and validating ideas at Kärcher.

Coming up with a solution: Inspired by technology’s power to drive social change, I developed a low-cost solution for improving elder safety and have spearheaded teams across multiple timezones to harness the power of AI in projects like AI Spy.

Bringing the idea into reality: My commitment to fostering eco-consciousness led me to win first place at Jugend Forscht with iQuench, using technology to amplify its impact and making a tangible difference in the world.

Beyond the realms of convenience and efficiency, I believe in technology’s capacity to make a profound impact on the world. My project AI4Justice, developed before generative AI algorithms gained widespread attention, created art using neural style transfer. What makes this endeavor even more meaningful is its purpose – raising more than $500 in less than two months for organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.